Plant based meat alternatives by cooking extrusion

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Ask me something about food extrusion cooking! Will be glad to answer your questions!


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Could you please give us some general info about food extrusion.

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Take a look !

Future of Food: World’s first 3D printed plant-based steak


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Please how can I carry out protein dispersibility index on a SBM

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Cooking extrusion is a continuous thermo-mechanical process by which biopolymers are submitted to influence of heat, time, temperature, mechanical shear and moisture which in terms cook the material and changes its physical properties. Known applications in the food industry are: Breakfast cereals (directed expanded and flaked); Infant Cereal/Baby Food; Several types of Snacks (most common Cheetos/Cheese puffs); Textured Vegetable Proteins (meat extenders and analogs); Viscosity Controlled/Modified starches and ingredients for the baking, beverage and industrial industries.


What is SBM?

Yes these injector nozzles are often times called paste extruder - what I’m referring to here are industrial scale cooking extruder and not 3D printers. But they do carry a neat concept, yet very inceptive still.

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Would you mind explaining a bit more about compact design extruders that you are using, and specific texture development from those. Any images if you are able to share.Thank you.
Are twin screw extruders the most highly used for meat analogue preprations?

Which type of extruder is suitable for producing i) noodles, ii) pasta and iii) breakfast cereals?
Single/twin screw, inter/non-inter meshing, and counter/co-rotating?

In case I want to obtain vegetal protein powder, do you think extrude and grind is a suitable process?

I feel that these have a very important role in the future of the food industry, so learn now.

Both for texture and sizing.

What is is technology to develop 2- D snack pellets? Also, what is the flour composition for the same?

Extruder is generally used for obtaining food products like pasta , noodles , cereals and baby foods .
Plant based industry uses high moisture twin screw extruder to obtains the taste and texture of meat. The raw materials are feed in the form of protein extract or in direct from plants.
As far I know extruder is not used for obtaining powder .As installing cost of extruder is very high it will be rare to use it for obtaining protien powder at commercial scale.milling will the best possible way to obtain powder.
If anybody heard of using extruder for obtaining protein powder please fill me in .


This paper can help you @iyanuakande, it talk about the PDI in soja or soybean meal (SBM).

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the outcome is pretty much sterilized? or what happens to the microbiome of the original input material? Please kindly explain. I’ve always been curious

mechanical oil press machine is very close to an extruder. The cake from many seeds is rich in protein and often referred to as protein. Powdering required anyways. The cake is coming out in chunks, never homogeneous powder

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When you extrude the material you rise the temperature about 120-150°C in it and it work like a HTST pasteurization.