Frozen waffle

Need help with product development of frozen waffle that will be ready to eat once toasted.
With an expected shelf life of 3-6months . Having a cold supply chain already delivering ice cream.

Tried few methods not getting the aimed product

please firstly answer questions on your previous topic.

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What methods have you tried? It is difficult to provide assistance without detailed information.

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The spanner in a frozen product is in its freezing😑…the type of freezing machinery - whether plate or blast freezer or IQF and many other such considerations…
For each type of freezing apparatus the procedure will vary…if u give some information regarding this then perhaps better suggestions can be offered .

The above will determine the shelflife , not microbial but textural shelf life , and I suspect this is where the problem is - texture / breakage problem while toasting.
Apart from above , the freeze thaw stability of the product should be impeccable …the entire formulation has to be rendered freeze thaw stable by employing suitable hydrocolloids .

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There are many kinds of waffles , you should specify the product you want.
Is it Belgian, American etc…