Career Opportunities for food technology professional

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My topic is somewhat different I don’t know whether I should speak it on this platform or not but I just want to have a general discussion on this
Now a days when we are going to switch or find a new job as a food technology professional we get to know that the most of the organisation are not accepting the candidate due their excess salary expectation employers want and candidate who can give his/her more in a minimum payable package
On the other hand most of the excellent job seekers can’t get hired due to lack of reference. Can we do something regarding the this

If job reference is your concern that’s a personal matter as those individuals that know you will be the only ones that can give support in your job hunt ,not some strangers.
Therefore as job hunt referrals how can this forum help you if you are just a stranger here …?
Another thing due to stiff competition in job hiring in this particular profession there will be Surplus of job applications,it will concomitantly result in job applications difficulties. As many will be vying for the same position in a particular food firm.
Your solution:…?
So to make an edge over other applicants;s you have to do something different from other candidates doing the same thing…Indians in particular lack creativity nor are adventurous enough to do such thing…
As beginning you ask yourself what makes you different from your competitors, do you have more experience, do you have talents that you can exploit etc?
You have to make yourself more interesting to your prospective employer; presenting yourself in a creative and unique manner;; be smart in your resume preparation and presentation during the job interview process…
There are creative ways how make yourself different, the web have ideas in the so called " CREATIVE job applications " that you can use .


to some extent probably i agree to your point that food technologist career has not gained an impact in terms of salary and career advancements/scope.
It definitely is improving, and noticed that country wise food development needs are also different. UK has been a hot spot for food technologist previously, while not sure if it is still the same.
Now that meat analogues, extrusion, texture modifications, NPD are all coming up in this field, i guess food technology background may need to widen its scope and enter into various other need based aspects in their learning, and job scope too, and this would mean that engineers, material scientist, analytical scientist are all up to compete for the same job.
Yes getting a primary experience as i noticed was not possible for many, and i have also seen many people moved away from core food tech over the years after their studies (probably due to lack of opportunity).
I may not be 100% correct on these points, pardon me on that…but this is in general my observation.


True, many food scientist even in Nigeria are finding it difficult to know where particularly they fits in, so having a write-up on career opportunities for food scientist will really give illuminations to so many. I have been opportune to talk to students of food science, many don’t even know what it entails


cross-disciplinary is a new way in educational system, but again may not be an ideal path. It all finally depends on which specific industry/area that one might end with and continue to gain experience to find ones career path.
Usual trend in flavour industry, is just hoping between the competitors.
Also among ingredient companies, this is going on.
But mainly for a starter, one just dive into an area and see whethar to cling on it or change field/area of work.