What is the secret to making good chocolates?

What is the secret to making good chocolates ?

Good ingredients and love ! :smile:

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I think it is about conching and tempering style. We can understand it by comparing Switzerland chocolate with others.

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application of long-term mixing process

Compounds have a general use in food industry.

What is trying to be achieved with the use of compound is to offer a ready to use solution to the producer.

The main characteristic of a compound is stability.

For example in the case that you want to avoid the oily phase of a final product a good idea is to use a compound which contains the needed oils of your formulation. Using the compound, you achieve the breaking down of the oil phase and by the addition of stabilizers like gums the prevention of the the reforming of the oil phase for a certain amount of time.


Chocolate ingredients and Process conditions have effected last quality. The story has started from Cocoa bean source and Process which can change characteristic deeply. You should decide which one is good for your recipe…


First you should know what you are going to make. There 2 types of chocolate. One is real chocolate which contains cocoa butter and 2nd is compound chocolate which contains vegetable fat, not cocoa butter.
For making compound chocolate use 1 percent lecithin or emulsifiers with cocoa powder, sugar and water.

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No, you can not use water in compound or chocolate.

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chocolate don’t like water in case during purchasing all ingredients you should focus on water content of ingredient


When I was in Thailand, there had chocolate which does not melt at over 30 degrees. Do somebody know how they do it? Decreasing the oil level?

Yeah. It is possible. Most likely they used a special modified cocoa butter that contains largely saturated fatty acids. Or they use some special fats that contain largely stearic acids .

Some food trends are bs, some are legit. When it comes to single origin chocolate, it is actually the real deal. The taste is more complex imo. The company I work for made 5 SKUs of a luxury chocolate from 4 origins and they all taste pretty different - all really good lol

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