What Happens when you add milk to your coffee?

Hi Guys!

We’ve created another video for those coffee-lovers out there! :smiley:

Share your thoughts and ideas about this. I know this is highly-disputed territory (as i’ve seen in a lot of studies). C’mon let’s talk about coffee!


Informative video. Thanks for sharing @ScienceOfFood

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Just out of curiosity, I did attend a training for coffee preparation a(nd the theory behind it )that in Australia
My conclusion is it’s useful for people who want to be Barista or skilled in coffee beverages preparation but is of less importance for a food technologist and food scientist…

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Thank you for the demonstration of different methods of addition of milk to coffee. Also for the various setups, great to see and felt like having all those coffee one after another to experience the difference in taste…

It really is helpful for food technologists or scientists who are working on dairy based beverages with coffee as an ingredient. Getting a long shelf life product with a neutral ingredient milk and an acidic ingredient coffee is difficult since it results in precipitation of proteins and feathering.