Replacer for sugar (sucrose) in snack seasoning

I am working on sugar reduction or replacement of sucrose in snack seasoning. As we know sucrose is one of the major ingredient in snack seasoning, it’s quite challenging to reduce or replace it. How can we effectively replace this sugar or at least reduce it?


Did you try polydextrose or inulin?

No, I haven’t. I am wondering if it is allowed in snack seasoning. However, I am using dextrose in small amount.

If you are open to artificial sweetener like aspartame, sucrralose etc.You can use it.Calculate the amount of sweetener based on sweetnesd value relative to sucrose and compensate the lost bulk with maltodextrin.


Depending on where you live you may be able to use Allulose. I find this to be the best 1 for 1 sugar substitute.


Thanks Roy for your advice.

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Yes, I was thinking to try the same. Thanks a lot.


How have you been coping with polydextrose caking and forming lumps causing process downtime failure

Indeed polydextrose is a tacky material to handle due to hygroscopicity…