Raw materials price

Hi everyone,
I’m new in FSTDESK.
I’m interesting on your opinion on the increasing price of raw materials, in particular in the food and feed sector with the higher price of raw materials from vegetables origin, like soy and vegetables oils, but not only.
What do you think about? This trend can impact on the quality of the food?
And not only the food because also raw materials for M.O.C.A are increasing like materials for canned food…
Thank you very much.



Thats a pretty naive question…:slightly_smiling_face:
Price will inexorably go up that the normal trend, I think this issue is more of economics than food science. related .
As a food formulation specialist if price of certain ingredients increase, we try substitution according to functionality and expected ingredients interaction. …however IF the end product does not pass sensory evaluation, shelf life test and other quality parameters as its inferior to the original formulation, we stick with the old formulation and leave it to the accounting department to compute the end product cost and concomitant price adjustment of the manufactured goods
Substitution does not often work, and it might have implications in other areas in the future.
Historically the mad cow disease was caused by feed producers that want to use every protein available just to maintain nutrition and at lowest cost possible
So they turn a vegetarians cattle into “cannibals” by feeding them with feed containing parts of their own kind including prion proteins…The tragic result is well documented in history.
In.conclusion the inexorable rise of materials and other things related to manufacturing is already drawn in the well written business plan so outsiders should nor worry about it…
It’s just the same thing as an employee, inflation will gradually reduce the buying power of your wages, you should make plan about it as well…You don’t needlessly worry about it without having your contingency measures…


@Debora - if you have more details to say, or something you are specifically targeting, do explain the story so that a better clarification is possible.