Packaging Grammage method


I need guidance about grammage of corrugated box , cardboards and plastic foil

-How to calculate ?
-Used same method for all three or different method for each?
Currently , I’m try to solve this problem through this method: GSM =gm/m2
-cut sample 1 inch square
-then weight this sample cut sample

  • now using formula
    GSM=weight/ 0.000645m2
    I’m using this method for all type of packaging. But every time reading are vary …

Kindly , packaging expert guide me for right method …

Thank you…

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your formula is true.

use a precision scale (analytical )

use mm not inch

cut samples 50mmx50mm

use 5 samples then take them average and use it.

be careful.

Good luck :blush:


This method is used for plastic shrink as well?

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of course.

thank you for great guidance