Final year project

Helo everyone,
This is Gopi from chennai,doing final year Food processing technology,This is my end semester,This semester i have the major project,i wish to do the project related with Dairy sectior,plese suggest me some topic related Dairy sectors.

(whether its New Product Development,Analysis of various milk,Increse the shelf life of Milk,)… waiting for your kindest reply…

Thank you.

How about identifying the Maillard reaction products that is present in various (UHT) milk, fortified milks etc available in the market. If not all, may be a few like dicarbonyls, hydroxymethylfurfural etc.
-Use Milk powder and the above evaluation can also be a great study (especially due to its high storage period)

  • Goat milk based probiotic drink could be a possibility
    -rice fermented milk drinks (or other related mixtures for yoghurt based drinks)
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Thank you sir,can u tell briefly