Determine drying kinetic

Can everyone teach us to determine drying kinetic of product? We have weight of product versus time and also Moisture content versus time. How to determine mathematical modelling like page equation, Newtown model, and Henderson and pabis model ?
how to calculate draying rate?

Could you please teach us step by step instructions

First of all, you have to choose which product to use because water is diffused in the drying process in two ways. The first causes rehydration from the interior to the shell and the second to the surface. Therefore, determine your product’s cross-sectional area and divide them into mathematical nodes. Then, calculate the temperature differences between dry and wet thermometers according to the final moisture content of the product by applying newton, prandtl, models by making the relations between these nodes into tables. For an effective drying, do equipment analysis.

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How to determine Henderson and Pabis model?

There are articles in research about this model.