Bread innovation

Hi everyone,

Recently the fungi’s observe on bread within 2 days from manufacturing. We doesn’t arrested this problem.

Please give me a better suggestions.

Thank you.

more details please.

bread type, water content, a little info about recipe, storage conditions, packaging, etc. ?

Milk bread
But we use milk powder & 32% water we ues.
Store at ambient temperature.

You are likely making bread with no time dough process and in unsanitary manufacturing conditions exacerbated by hot and humid condition during these summertime…

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Mention temperature of that place and dource of water u used. Also chek recipe once more and make sure moisture is not more than 40%.

It’s hot & humid condition but not a unsanitary.

It’s almost ambient temperature and the water we used it’s RO water.

Really ? But you are using no time dough system .How about your post bake…Did you cool down your bread properly and carefully in a clean environment, then untouched by bare hands, handled with observation of hygiene and sanitation.? I had seen many Indian bakeries that ignore the care in post bake part mentioned. BTW, you did not add any calcium propionate or other bread preservative. also…

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It’s may due to improper storage conditions. You can use preservatives and stored at less humid atmosphere.

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