Alternative drying technology for freeze drying

Dear All,

I am working on crispy sweet corn snacks (corn kernels). Currently it is freeze dried. Although the product is of great taste and texture, it isn’t cost effective. Could anyone please suggest any alternative drying technologies for the same.

Please note that the product will be declared as “non fried nor baked”. Thanks in advance.

Oven drying like the continuous belt dryer should work…or even a lanley drying machine.

Thats the supplier of one of my clients used for drying corn snacks…


Thank you Roy. But I was wondering if it will impact the colour and texture. Of course I can understand it would be difficult to achieve the same texture and quality obtained through freeze drying however, we need the product to be 80-85% close to freeze dried product. We are also considering to use combination drying like low humidity air drying along with freeze drying (for short duration of time) to reduce the conversion cost. Any inputs on this?

Contact the company to make precise inquiry…

Sure. Thanks again.