Which yeast used for cashew apple acetic fermantation

i want to make cashew apple vinegar

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Did you try something?

Cashew apple vinegar production is widely practiced on regions where cashews are abundant. The technology is quite simple and yses the same technique used in other fruits or substrates fir vinegar production…
Alcoholic fermentation of sugars using pure yeast culture ( e.g.saccharomyces spp ,wild yeast ( containing osmotolerant species)n cottage industries, then introduced mother vinegar cukture ( bacterium aceti or acetobacter variety) .
There are scattered references in the web and in indigenous liqour fermentation books you can read upon


no now i am starting trail for cashew apple vinagar

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Hi, i usually use Lalvin EC1118 for my most of fermented drinks , but you can use Champagne yeast from Redstar ( Pasteur Blanc) or White labs WLP715 Champagne, using Champagne yeast for start of fermation in vinegar is good choice.

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How’s the cashew apple vinegar going?

I used to make 17% acetic using specialised acetators.

Acetobacter will only get to 6% acid is a stirred submerged culture.

Acetabacter are aerobic and need oxygen to keep the acid out of their calls.

Yeasts are the enemy and you must pay particular attention to ferment flies which will act as a source of yeast contamination.

Your cashew apple would need to be pasteurised before (to kill off mongrel yeasts and bacteria) inoculation in the acetobacter.

Once the fermentation up and running and healthy, it is normal practice to take 50% of the final ferment as a kick starter for the next batch.

Good luck