What can we do about hard candies that moistured?

Hello Everyone!

I would like to ask a question.
I work in a factory that produces hard candies and Turkish delights varitery. In summer season, these hard candies gain moisture and start to stick each other. How we can prevent that stuation?
We tried to pour corn starch surface of the candies but the color of them looked like misty; then we bought slicagel packet ,to absorb the moisture inside of the jar, but it did not work again.

What do you suggest?

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Do you put them in a jar without a primary packaing?

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We have different size of package material depends on weight.
Packeges of 200 g are zip lock bag but 300 g &600g are put in the plastic box. The most of candies put in a jar, like 3 kg.
But, Yes. We do not use primary or extra packaging.

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A lot parameters may affect your final product hydroscopic characteristics.

But independently of this;

  1. Pack your products asap.

  2. Keep your packaging area relative humidity below 40%.

  3. Be sure your pack materials moisture permeability is 0.

  4. Do not forget opp, pp, pet or similar materials are permeable.


hımm… OK, thank you for your hepls. I will try these parameters.


Try using high maltose corn syrup or high maltose glucose syrup instead of regular glucose syrup as thats whats suited in high humidity environments.


Dear Roy,

Thank you for your response.
However we do not add any type of syrup inside it. The contents are sugar, natural flv., natural colorant and acidity regulator . The general manager wants to produce the products without using of syrup.


Omigosh what a bad candy is that .You converted sugar while boiling with the acid or acid regulator into a candy mass high in reducing sugars which is hygroscopic causing it to attract ambientmoisture in it.Thats the problem…
WELL if you dont want to change your system then install industrial dehumidifier to reduce the humidity in your cooling packing area


Thank you so much for the further info that you have given. I will talk to my manager this topic.

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just install the industrial dehumidifier in cooling tunnel and primary packaging area

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