UV lamp use in production area?

In the previous period, and due to the Covid-19 situation we have seen a lot of things implemented in the production areas that are useful and not so useful. One of the things interesting to me was the use of UV lamps. UV lamp should perform the disinfection of air and area, also surfaces that are covered with the spectrum of light from the lamp. One of the bad things is that people can not be in that area while the lamp is working and also that surfaces not covered with the spectrum of light are not disinfected.

What are your experiences regarding the UV lamps? Please share.

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It should be used with care,and some lamps generate ozone in the ambient ( which confer some discomfort in breathing while in the vicinity ) its used.

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Disinfection of all air which flows to the production area may help to keep production area disinfected.

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On a chemistry point of view, UV is used for cross linking of materials, The lamp can be Low power to high power, and you can choose based on your needs. It is used for a very small period of time , why because it is a crosslinker. The reaction rate is too difficult to be controlled. It cause damage to molecules present (at a molecular level) , hence a control or standardization of application can be a trouble. However yes with new developments probably it might become more common due to the high area of application (sterilisation of bulk possibility).
On a Long term even uv might be common to our gamma radiation, because I noticed even if gamma radiation is carried out on some food stuffs, it’s never been labelled, so we are consuming such items though not knowing that it has undergone such a process.
Do share with us if you have applied UV for your work.

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