REMINDER: Neglected and highly critical Food Safety measure. (Human Hair)

REMINDER: Critical and highly neglected Food safety measure. hashtag#Human Hair as a physical and microbial contaminant. -Any foreign body that is found in the food products is a contaminant. Foreign body means any extraneous matter found in food which is not a part of the ingredients. -Human hair as a physical contaminant can choke and cause vomiting or affects the functionalities of the digestive system. -As a biological contaminant, Oil, sweat, a residue of hair treatment chemicals and shampoos, dyes or any other organic matter sticking to the hair becomes a breeding ground for pathogens (Staphylococcus aureus) when left in processed foods for long periods of time. hashtag#Summary According to Hair Foundation, Queen’s College, Oxford University, England every human being with hair on their heads, sheds between 100-150 hairs every day at a constant rate. Therefore a person doing an eight-hour shift will lose around 33-50 hairs. Multiply this by the number of personnel working in the restaurant or manufacturing plant and you can calculate the pathogen risk to food. hashtag#StaySafe