Quality testing

I have stored fried onion ,which were fried before 1 month and used those fried onion in our recipes product and I have to store this recipe product for long shelf life .
Kindly guide about testing of fried onion regarding quality/rancidity/spoilage .

Can start with simple tests like moisture content, fat content, oxidative rancidity test, color determination, texture analysis, even volume check etc from the point of frying to 1 month or until the longest period of storage time…

Few sulfides are present in fresh onion: methyl propyl disulfide, dipropyl disulfide and dipropyl trisulfide. The quantity of these sulphide might reduce (possibility to check and relate to the flavour & quality of the stored product).

Certain aldehydes are present in raw onion. eg, 2-methyl 2-pentenal. How about quantifying its amount or any newly formed aldehyde after frying and storage (such as 2-methylbutanal and 3-methylbutanal and correlate to frying temperature & storage period).

Sensory attributes are good to check.

(not sure if you stored this in the powder format or stored as fried onion itself?).


@nanoscientist is their any method to test rancidity of fried onion for shelf life study?

@nanoscientist and is their any reference regarding calculate oil absorption in fried onion?by calculating initial moisture content of onion through oven drying method