Preservation of Halwa

Hi. I need suggestion on type of food preservative which can be used to extend the shelf life of Omani halwa. It is basically a traditional sweet prepared by heating and mixing sugar with starch for two hours and then flavouring it with ghee, rose water, nuts, and saffron.

Many traditional food processing wants a naive "quick fix "approach without first looking that the recipe, processing and storage can influence shelf life.
Answer these questions first so we can see how we can prolong its shelf life.
1.)Please show and explain the recipe and preparation of Omani Halwa
2)what is the expected shelf life .
3). What is the nature of hygiene and sanitation that occurs during preparation handling and packaging. of Omani Halwa
4.What are the storage conditions.?


Food preservatives for Halawa…?
IIRC ,halwa makers don’t put preservatives in that product and it can last for months…?
I agree with @Roy if GMP ,Hygiene and Sanitation are not emphasized then your product will have short shelf life…


I agree with Roy @bonitaaranha and @Yuri_Nasbath sugar itself is a preservative


Citric acid is used in most of the halwa. That could be a preservative!


there are several antioxidants in the market to extend the shelf life.
let me know abit more about product so I can recommend good one.

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First of all, we should check

final pH value of the product:
brix level:

If we know these parameters we can suggest solutions. Both artificial (pottasium sorbate) or natural based (polyphenols, organic acids) ones