Pre-defined taste of energy drinks

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I need suggestions on energy drinks recipe especially what vital ingredient responsible for the DEFINED TASTE OF ENERGY DRINKS. Not the tingling taste from CO2, i mean the unique aroma when you take energy drinks.


The typical “energy drink” taste that you experience when drinking an energy drink (Red Bull, for example) is imparted by a natural or artificial flavoring ingredient that is added to the drink. It is not typically caused by other ingredients (vitamins, caffeine, etc.) but may act to mask bitter or off flavors of those ingredients. In order to source such a flavoring you should contact commercial flavor suppliers in your country or region.


Hello from my knowledge the functional ingredients ( b complex vitamins, caffeine and taurine ) plays a vital role. But there is also flavoring agent ( can be natural or artificial). The flavour profile is more of tutti fruit

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I just tried the Tutti frutti flavor & it worked. I had it al the while but never thought it would give the desired result. :+1:

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