Plant based egg product

Can anyone let me know about a plant based ingredient that can act like egg with respect to coagulation during omellete preparation!?

There are two products that are vegan certified that you can make a vegan omelet, called Vegan Egg and Just Egg…IIRC its a recent development but already available in the market…

My classmate once used sprouted soybeans to replace eggs in baked products but sincerely I don’t know the full process. You can give it a try or read about it, if soy is okay for you.

In India, Evo foods is using multiprotein approach. One of the grain used is mung bean.

For baked product you can replace with apple sauce and you can get very successful results but in omelette you will need industrial products I believe! It is interesting. I also learn something new. Good to see everybody’s comment.

Silken tofu is reported to mimic eggs in performance but as i have not tried personally in omelet, .How about testing it…?:wink:

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