New collaborative research tool for food scientists

Good afternoon, and hope you are well. I have an exciting new food science resource to share with you. A bit of background:

The Good Food Institute is a non-profit that advances plant-based, fermentation-derived and cultivated (grown from cells) meat, eggs, dairy and seafood. We work with scientists, policymakers and entrepreneurs to create open-access resources, publish scientific research, help established food companies to expand into alternative proteins, and facilitate access to R&D funds.

We have recently launched a global Collaborative Research Directory which makes it easier for researchers like you to find collaborators with complementary skills so that together you can accelerate the transition to the next generation of meat, eggs, dairy and seafood.

In this directory, you’ll find researchers who are already active in the alternative protein space and those who want to begin applying their expertise to this field. It also indicates what kinds of collaboration opportunities the researchers are interested in exploring with students, labs, and companies. Everyone in this directory has agreed to be contacted by other researchers, though no commitments are implied.

You may also want to check out the many resources we build for scientists, including our scientific research database, competitive research grant programme, and research funding database. And keep an eye on our social media channels in the coming weeks for an exciting opportunity to join our team in Europe: www.linkedin.com/company/gfi-europe

If you’re working in this space, we’d love you to get involved and signed up to the Collaborative Research Directory. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Many thanks, and very best wishes,


Alex Mayers
Head of Operations
The Good Food Institute Europe
alexm(at)gfi(dot)org | +44 (0)7964 823841 | Pronouns: he / him


This is great, I’d like to be part of something like this looking for a related area of study in my research project.

Great, @Slimpotter! In case it helps, here are the links to our resources for scientists, including our scientific research database and the competitive research grant programme.

Thanks loads Alex, I’ll check it out.