Need help with protein bar recipe for business

Good day

I want to start a protein bar making business
So I need help with designing the perfect recipe for production with little processing as possible (no bake no fridge requires) so it’s just
1 - mixing
2 - extruder (cutting)
3 - packaging

The recipe I have is great but I have a problem with stabilizing the bars so soft and the shelf life of the bars specially in this two factors a long side with cost

The ingredients I use

Oatmeal and oatmeal flour
Whey protein powder
Chocolate chips
Peanut butter

The binding syrup and other ingredients for preserve the product where I have a problem with

Also if any notes and advice on changing the ingredient are welcome

Please advise
Thank you.

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You need to use sugar syrup to make stabile bars. you should cook syrup and mix wit other ingredients.

please notify that if you use more butter it effects shelf life negatively.

The recipe I have is great but I have a problem with stabilizing the bars so soft

Do you mean you have a problem about make bars soft ? Or ?

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Thank you so much for the response
I have a problem with stabilizing the bars and shelf life
About the sugar syrup do you suggest a certain water and sugar ratio? Or what kind of sugar syrup is you suggest?
Do you suggest a certain gum for stability?
And what can I add for shelf life?
Also I can remove the peanut butter completely and stick with only the other ingredients
Thank you

You are welcome.

you can use sucrose + glucose syrup mix to bind other ingredients together. You should not use water for long shelf life.

you do not need use any preservative for this type product. Because this product has very low water content and low aw.

total sucrose+glucose syrup to last product ratio can be about 1/4 or 1/3,5. And it depends on other ingredients.

I suggest you do not use butter because butter effects shelf life negatively and it can make product very soft and maybe you can not create a product that has a stable structure.


Thank you so much

I’m sorry for lot’s of questions but I don’t understand the ratio you mentioned can you please explain little bit

Thank you

mixture 1 : 15 g sucrose + 10 g glucose syrup
mixture 2 : other ingredients 75 g

cook mixture 1 until 160 °C than immediately add mixture 2 in it and stir them until get a homogeneous mixture, it is now mixture 3. mixture 3 is your final product.

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Thanks a lot for the help
I will make a sample and report back to you if possible
Thank you again

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Hello sir I’m sorry for lot’s of questions

Sucrose comes as syrup or it just a table sugar?
Because I searched as a syrup and all I find Suppliers who provide high fractos corn syrup instead

Use table sugar for sucrose and also you need glucose syrup not fructose.

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Thank you so much I’ll report you with feedback

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Hello sir food scientist I really appreciate your help
I got glucose syrup and I’m going to use tables sugar just like you mentioned
However about the table sugar should I use it plain without water with the glocuse? or I make sugar syrup with the glucose if so what ratio is the water and sugar?
Thank you again


No need water. Only add table sugar and glucose syrup together. Cook theme while string. if you have some trouble you can add a little water to make cooking process easier.

Did you try ?

Hello good day
Yes I tried it but didn’t work
The sugar and glucose burns so quickly and it’s difficult to handle without water
Is there a certain way to cook? Or I can add water to the mix what should I do please help me
Thank you

The other thing is when I use it to the dry ingredients it crystals and become hard like hard candy and also the liquid ratio to dry not enough
I used 30 g sugar 20 g glucose
And 150 g oatmeal and whey protein powder
I believe I made a mistake in some point here

I made another experiment which is
Mixer 1
70 g oatmeal
20 g whey protein powder
Mixer 2
100 g sugar
50 g water
1 table spoon glucose syrup

The result is really hard bar where it’s difficult to eat and handle

Did you cook mixer 2 mixture ? Sugar is so much !

ok. to make it softer, increase glucose syrup and decrease sugar ( 15 glucose + 10 sugar ) and cook at lower temperature.

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I just tried
15 g glucose
10 g sugar
The problem I have is the mixture becomes so thick and burn so quickly even on low temperature
I can’t mix the other ingredients with sugar and glucose syrup
However do you suggest another way to make a syrup for binding the bars?
Thank you so much

This is just another recipe I made my own it was bad
However the one you gave me I believe it’s much better but it’s difficult to handle