Litchi flavour soft drink

How to improve my product self life… Please help

I’m actually studying food processing and Engineering third year . I’m not that aware of it . But I think in my opinion to improve the shelf life of litchi drink you can store it in tightly packed bottle with an optimum temparature of about 5 degree Celsius .

As temperature is one important factor to improve the shelflife especially for fruit beverages.

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Thank you so much.

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You are not providing much information.
What label declarations are you interested it? What is the current pH?
What is the current shelf life and what is your indicator of end of shelf life?

There are many ways to chemically increase your shelf life or mechanically through HPP or filtration.

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If Ph <4.5,you can use Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate if below or above that Ph level. Ph 4 would be better even if buffered. In soft drink and I presume carbonate, dosage of above 2 preservatives 0.016%,should suffice. Together at this level, product should be well preserved in combination with Lactic or Citric acid. Please check your country food laws.

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My ph level is 7 and if i use Sodium Benzoate and potassium sorbate than how much quantity is used to make 100 litre drink preservative for my drink.

In my drink i use RO water and maintaining its TDS between 40-50 but can u please tell me in what time i can use potassium sorbate or any preservative during making my drink it could be used before or after heat or during heat can please elaborate the whole process which explains in what time i can use preservative.

Hello Sir, nice to talk to you… Myself Saurabh let me introduce you with my drink which is litchi flavoured drink my question is my water ph is 7 and i am using potassium sorbate (ratio 400L / 200gm…as my preservative…i am using citric acid (ratio 400L / 1kg) and after that whole drink ph is less than 3.5 so can you please tell me how can i increase my drink shelf life.

1kg 400 liters? There must be a lot of sugar in there.
200gm = 200 grams?

If so, then you are way over any reasonable limit. You should be closer to 60 grams for 400 liters and up to 120 grams of potassium sorbate. If you are using the potassium sorbate in combination with sodium benzoate then the amount should be lower.

You still haven’t mentioned what constitutes end of shelf life. Is the flavour going off? Are you getting yeast or mold issues? Is the litchi precipitating out of the solution?


Shelf life study of any product is a long process.To decide the shelf life, you have to do microbial analysis, antioxidant analysis, sensory analysis, rheological analysis etc. As per standard you can use 1ppm potassium sorbate for 1 liter of drink before heating process for eliminate the microbial contamination.


Greetings, your soft drink should of said Concentrate as it’s not RTD at 50 TDS. . As a rule, Sodium Benzoate (dissolved in 50% hot water) should be added straight in or just after first sugar dissolving, potassium sorbate can be added in middle and juice, citric acid and Flavour towards the end. Citric acid prevents sodium Benzoate from dissociation. As a concentrate and not a ready to drink beverage, with TDS 45 average and a Ph 3.5,with that amount of preservative you currently adding , your water quality must also come into question, although you state it RO water, so it must of gone through filter and UV as well. If you add all the preservative with all the sugar, with half the amount of water, you at one stage will have twice the preservative action, then dilute to final volume, adding flavour, cloudifier if any at this stage only. I would also check your piping and if you using juices or dairy in same tanks or open to air tanks . Maybe the filter needs an acid or base shock treatment or replacement, Or if any of the TDS is coming from raw Litchi or Lychee bringing in moulds and yeasts.As mentioned microbial analysis with give you Lacto or yeast and mould results.

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In the drink there is lots of sugar which is mixed gently , and 1kg per 400 litre is the ratio of citric acid which is used to make drink. Tell me the accurate amount of preservative to increase shelf life…I seen litchi presipate in drink so i thought that its gone bad.

Please give the Dilutable ratio 1 plus 3 or 4 unless there is sweetener

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Thankyou so much for your Gratitude towards us…can you please clarify that what means TDS 45…and please contact me from WhatsApp 6393106109

Ro water TDS 50


Citric Acid 1kg per 400L

Potassium sorbate
200gm per 400L

Litchi flavour 1L per 400L

Can you please tell us that how much accurate quantity should be used in making drink…

Let me tell you one thing more that my complete drink TDS is 407 and its ph value is 3.5.

TDS 50, typed 45 incorrectly as you stated TDS 40-50 in your one post, thereby I used 45.You then corrected and said 50. Next post said 407, which I presume is a typo like mine

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How do you dilute the drink?

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It doesn’t matter how i dilute because with my doing process it gone bad so that’s why i am aking to you for the whole process of making drink .