Large bubbles appear on the surface of cake after baking

Dear everyone,
Currently, i am developing the formula of red velvet cake (dried premix). After baking, i found that there are quite many bubbles on the surface of the cake, shown as the illustrated image. Please help me to find the reason and solution.Thanks in advance!

Hi @jonhny123

Can you tell us about ingredients ?

Dear @foodScientist
My ingredients of premix powder: contains sugar, all purpose flour, emulsifier (471,475), whey powder, cocoa powder, SAPP, baking soda, allura red color, vanilla flavor.
After that we add whole eggs, water and vegetable oil and blend the mixture using the paddle. After that, i bake the batter at 175oC.

Hello Colleague :

According to the picture I imagine that the thickness is not enough and the temperature is too much for the thickness.
Maybe, You could start reducing the temperature by 10° Celsius, what I mean is to 165°C.
If the bubbles continue You could change the viscosity of your batter . On way of resolving this is to add potato starch, because this type of starch can significantly increase the viscosity. I think that between 1 or 2 % of finished product is enough.
Another option that I could suggest is to try to develop your own baking powder. The reason why I suggest this is that you can control the speed of leaving agents. For example, SAPP is faster than SALP or SAS so you can control the rise of your batter during the baking process. If any of this is unfamiliar to you, please let me know.



Dear @gabriel.barriga
Thanks for your advice. I will try your method for sure!

Well done, I hope you achieve the expected results.
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