Help about books

Please ,l need some books in:
•GLP (good Laboratory practice )
•Food safety
•Water activity
•Food Microbiology

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Are you looking for hard copy?
There are so many online free PDF copy books available via google too.

GLP books: Good laboratory practice regulations / edited by Sandy Weinberg.

Food microbiology : an introduction / Adam M., Dick M.

Food microbiology : an introduction / Karl R. Matthews, Kalmia E. Kniel, and Thomas J. Montville.
Water activity in foods/ Barbosa-Canovas et al


You will get all these books any reputed Book Store or Amazon or Filpcart. Better you also mention writer name along with publisher name.

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I am looking for a recommendation,
any one who already finished a good book, mention it

have a look at Food Safety: Theory and Practice

Food Analysis by S. Nielson - a standard book all of us might have used…