Food Safety Change of Thought

Am getting annoyed each time people stick around and speak about Food safety being each one’s BUSINESS!. It is never everyone’s’ “BUSINESS” please!!!
-The slogan makes food safety sounds as if it is a discipline begging to be commercialized!
-Rather, food safety should be regarded as everyone’s’ RESPONSIBILITY because we all have different roles to play to ensure it is continually achieved. What is your opinion???


wow. :clap: nice and correct perspective i think.

Also if we say everyone’s business, we make it a little simple and/or unimportant.

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Yeah… I think the same about this topic…


Yes absolutely you are correct as i think.
Because when we mentioned as “ everyone’s Business “ that’s totally wrong. But everyone has different responsibilities in different measures related to food safety. And also, professionals of the Quality department plays the vital role regarding Food Safety. Everyone cannot do that role. As an example , making food safety standards, HACCP plans, Quality manual etc. Have to be professionals in that subject.

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Truly said it’s everyone’s business. At least we educate them to know about the basic knowledge of food pathogens, food preservation.

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