Food safety and manufacturing GPM

Can any help me with guidance on how to write a food safety report for a fictitious food manufacturing company or where I could find examples, please?


Hello @Grace_Hickson

Can you give us additional details please ?

Thank you for your response. So, some information regarding the company is given about their hygiene standards, control of stock rotation and general maintenance and I’m acting as a safety inspector who has to report my findings and give recommendations on how to improve the business. Accept I don’t know how to structure the report as I’ve never written a safety report before.

But you should have a checklist and a report format to make a audit . How did you perform the audit ?

I didn’t, it was already given :sweat:

What about was the audit ? For example ISO 22000 or BRC ? Or ?

It’s ISO. I’m just not sure how or where to start, if I need to write an Introduction and if so, how many words.

to help you we need more details about your audit. There are a lot of standards or organizations about food safety.