Fiber Optic Sensors for Temperature Monitoring in Microwave Digestion

Microwave digestion offers high-pressure & temperature systems in order to increase reaction rates and decrease digestion times for sample preparation in chemical analysis, and one of the most important parameters is temperature monitoring during the microwave digestion processing.

Compared with conventional sensors, fiber optic temperature sensors are small, none metallic, complete immune to microwave, radio frequency, EMI, and are able to be placed directly into the pressure vessel for in-situ sample temperature measurement during microwave processing. With the temperature monitor & software, the temperature data can be transfered to computer where researchers & engineers can monitor temperature in real time, set temperature alarm, and create report automatically.

Herch Opto Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is China’s leading fiber optic temperature sensing solution provider, it offers a wide range of fiber optic temperature monitoring systems for various applications.

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