Cake different taste

i have my own cake brand in india Cake Galaxy. I want make different taste of cakes. every one using commercial primix, so most of cake and brands taste is same. anyone can help me for increase my product quantity?

You want a unique taste then make your own.To be able to do it you must be familiar with cake recipes and processing… Besides how can a stranger help you as thry dont know what type of cake you had in mind…?
Maybe if you describe the competition exactly and what ways you think you could be better…?

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Hi Reshma_Bangar

I did some work with cakes that maybe you could try, send me an email ( if you are interested.



Hi Reshma, I gather that you are looking forward to finding ways to differentiate your products. I would look at products in a larger market like USA. Kroger is a major supermarket chain. These are the cakes mixes that they have online Trader Joe’s is another store chain Search
I would suggest look at their products and try to guess what kind of product can be desirable in your country. Also you may want to check out trade magazine such as Bakery Business - Magazine to see what is popular abroad.
A good review may generate useful ideas. Good luck :smile:

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Have you not noticed why many cake bakers in india are using premixes,Its because of cakemaking flour quality in that country is not that good …
There is no problem if you use premixes ,just be creative enough to put your personal touch and creativity;creating variety, introducing new flavors and cake appearance that your competitors are not doing…
The web and cake recipes books can provide many ideas you can use for your cakes. Your creativity and desire is the only limitation .