Breads in the world

Hello everyone,

I am interested in classic breads.
In Turkey, we called classic bread as “somun ekmek” . It is made with white wheat flour, water, salt and saccharomyces cerevisiae.

It contains max. 38% water by our food codex.

Now in İstanbul 250 g bread price is 1,25 TRY= 0,22 USD

What about your bread in your country ?


nice subject you need factory bread or national?

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No matters. Lets know breads.

In Georgia, we have a bread factory called “mzetamze” which use only natural yeast, white (dark) flour, salt, and water … I have video But unfortunately, it’s in Georgian. Normal weight is about 460gr and costs 0.30$
Also, we have “lavash” it’ also made by yeast, white flour, salt, and water. weight maybe 500 gr costs 0.33$ random weight

So there is one type of bread in Georgia it’s called “dedas puri” bread made by love (mother’s bread) the preparation is the same but we have one more thing you should bake it with love :smiley:
sorry man if you interested in more details I can send you it tomorrow