What is validation, what is verification?


Could you please share information about validation and verification differances ?

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Mainly validation is linked to quality control and verification to quality assurance.

For instance, the pH and acidity measurement of a final product ( if within specs) validates that the product is correct. On the other hand, internal audits, external audits, annual quality review, verificate if the procedures linked to the final product or service are meeting their purpose.

A more generic answer to the question above is: Validation: if we make the product right Verification: if we make the right product.



I wanna give exampke. You decide cleaning Process with constant concentration. You should validate this cancel the micro risk. After validation you verify application during Process step by staff with used atp test, mikro analysis, cleaning activities, detergent residual on surface what else.



As far as i know it is not only microbioloygycal risk elemination . You should eleminate all product contamination residues, you should reach correct consantrations during each step of detergent application and rinse water. Allergen residue on product and surface should be taken into consideration.



Validation: Are we building the right system?
Verification: Are we building the system right?
Validation is concerned with checking that the system will meet the customer’s actual needs, while verification is concerned with whether the system is well-engineered error-free and so on. Verification will help to determine whether the software is of high quality, but it will not ensure that the system is useful.



Great explanation. Thank you.

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