What is VACCP?

The safety of products is a very important issue for the food industry. Food safety management systems have also been developed by the industry as a result of years of effort, which has led to a significant reduction in food poisoning in most countries.

These systems apply the worldwide accepted HACCP rules. The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) examines food safety management systems under three headings; food safety, food defense and food fraud (adulteration). Food safety measures against unintentional contamination and food poisoning, food and countermeasures and attacks against vulnerable foods. The situation threatens food safety, with the exception of deliberate and unintentional contamination hazards.

The VACCP system has been developed to protect vulnerable / vulnerable food from food fraud such as adulteration. While HACCP and TACCP concern food producing enterprises, the issues addressed by the VACCP system concern public control. The VACCP system uses similar principles to HACCP, but the focus is on how to identify and control hazards, how to identify and control vulnerabilities.

Food fraud (adulteration) is the deliberate substitution, addition, unapproved modification, misrepresentation, labeling of food contents, which may or may not affect the health of the consumer for the purpose of economic gain. For example, it is included in the VACCP system, such as the addition of cow’s milk to cheese, which we declare to be made from 100% goat’s milk, or the addition of sunflower oil, which is cheaper in olive oil. Although it does not pose a danger to human health, it is not appropriate for food safety to include cheap products for profit other than the declared content. risk of being exposed to food or food fraud. At this point, the implementation of the VACCP system minimizes hazards.


I understand the concept of VACCP now, but stuck on how to create documentation of it. Is there any sample documentation u could share? It will be very helpful. Also what should be the frequency?

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You cleared the term VACCP. I am still confused that how to generate or implement such system. Can you share some templates or sample documents of VACCP implementation.

Hi Adil,
VACCP is , when your supplier replace the costly product with cheaper quality product for some economic gain.
Adil I can describe it here but the message will be too long. I would recommend you to study PAS 96, you will answer of your each question there. You will find how to implement what do ument will be needed there in this standard. If you are unbale to find the same, please write me on infovbe@yahoo.com or +91-9555551707 or if any other want this please contact me it’s free.

doing focus on the receiving step combined to haccp plan (for food safety).
1: determine risk of vulnerable/intentional adulteration of ingredients (over limit as spec: micro/chemical/physical/allergense/gmo .,ect
2: assessment
3: ->giving the proportional measure to eliminate/mitigate it (e.g: yearly supplier audit, gurantee letter, CoA-COO, periodic testing results, and monitor performance)
4: evaluating for effectiveness of measure-preventive method with frquency as quarterly-half-yearly or yearly dependent on the severity of each risk.
5: fsms team need review it a gain thru verification

better, you can refer at BRC8, FSMA or FSSC standard,.

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very helpful information, I can really relate now the information I learned from FOOD SAFETY course, the explanation are amazing. Appreciate!


Thanks for sharing!