Water Storage Rooms

Dear Food Safety Colleagues

I have an inquire related to water storage rooms under ground.

What are the required Food Safety Conditions to use the water from these rooms in Food processing?

The source of water is the city water and the room is intermediate stage till using it in food processing .
filters are used in the point of use and water analysis is in place annually.

is there any additional requirement regarding the room constructions, paint and cleaning method?

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Imo, tanks should be 316 stainless steel for food safety and for easy cleaning.

Also if you can implement a simple CIP system in the tanks, you can clean and sterilize theme easily.

Before use the water you should sterilize the water by UV lambs.

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Thanks Ufuk of your reply.

my case different because the room constructed from block &reinforced concrete and the enteral walls paint by epoxy layer like

yes, it is another method but i think ss is more durable.

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have a look at this


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Thanks a lot.