Validation Allergens

Hello, any advice for validation of allergens. Is for validate absence of milk in chocolate machines, for FSSC22000 implementation.

Any Idea is welcome.

Have a blessed day or night!!

Look for an allergen swabbing/testing product such as 3M’s Allertech. These types of products will test for the presence of proteins and can indicate whether or not the equipment sanitation was sufficient to remove the allergens.

I also suggest you search online for “equipment allergen swabs” or something similar as this may help you find similar products to the 3M product mentioned above.



we have FSSC 22000 and do allergen swab tests after cleaning once per month like Chris mentioned in the previous comment :slight_smile:


hi, Just curious to know if you used the same product as mentioned above- 3M’s Allertech.



We have a validated cleaning procedure for after dairy allergen process. We swab the machine surface with Agrastrip Casein from Romer Labs with LOD 1 mcg/25 cm^2 casein (https://www.romerlabs.com/en/analytes/food-allergens/casein-test-kits/). We have been BRC certificated for several years now and so far, there have been no issue during audits.

You can also validate using the rinse water (LOD 1 ppm casein).

I think we have another Swab test called ATP Test is to verify the effectiveness of cleaning. The Supplier is Hygiena ( UK ).