The method that Afghans keep their grapes fresh

In technology category? Yes i think this is a technology :blush:

What do you know and think about this method?

Do you know similar methods for other foods?

*If anyone translates this video it would be very appreciated.

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It can be explained through the physics of evaporative cooling…Clay containers ,pots and jars are porous material that are often used to store water which cools the water down.
Grapes picked fresh specially in the morning contains morning dew.If stored and sealed in clay containers cools itself while inside through evaporative cooling .
So when the customer buys those clay pot grapes they can enjoy the flavor of cool fresh fruit on a hot summer day…


i know their language.
i can translate it for you.

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Thank you. You can post the translation on here.

Thanks for the video.
Quite interesting and a simple approach.
Similar to what @Roy mentioned, the naturalness of the products are usually experienced when such clay materials are used.
Such methods are applied for various drinks, foods in different countries.
I have seen and tasted the water stored in mud or clay (big) collection pots. It has a different cooling effect with a clay niche flavour impact. This can be more niche if the water is stored overnight in that pot.
Another example is the way buttermilk is served in such handheld pots especially during hot climate conditions when someone is thirsty, this gives a good relief.
I Guess there are many similar methods applied in each country. Would be great to know more of such examples from the international community here. Thank you

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Very interesting and eco friendly

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Interesting and new to me!!