The India Smart Protein Innovation Challenge

ISPIC 2021 is here! :bulb:
โ€œSmart proteinโ€ โ€” meat, egg, and dairy alternatives produced without industrial animal agriculture but rather through food science and biotechnology โ€” is a major piece of the global fight against climate change, food insecurity, and public health crises such as future pandemics.
The India Smart Protein Innovation Challenge 2021 is designed for entrepreneurs, young professionals, researchers, and students but also anyone interested in the challenges in our current food system & are looking to develop solutions to build affordable & delicious smart protein products.
With a Smart Protein Digital Lab, and infrastructural support and mentorship from GFI India and experts across major academic institutes including Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), and government agencies including Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council), the challenge nurtures talent and supports participants to develop smart protein solutions for the future.

Up to INR 20 lakh in cash prizes is on the table for the top 20 teams that make it to the end of the challenge.
Join us for our second outreach webinar to better understand the foundational technologies that make these smart protein solutions possible.

You will also have the opportunity to hear about the expertise and infrastructure available to support you on your journey during and after the challenge from some of the experts from a few of our Supporting Partners for ISPIC 2021: C-CAMP, CCMB, SINE, IIT-M, NIFTEM, ABLE, BIRAC and our GFI India team of experts.

With applications closing on 14th September 2021, we encourage you to apply now for the India Smart Protein Innovation Challenge: www.smartproteinchallenge.in

Please try to go through the recording of Webinar #1 in this outreach campaign here before joining - Everything You Need To Know: The India Smart Protein Innovation Challenge (ISPIC 2021) - YouTube

Please kindly spread this message along with the poster in your network, so that all potential applicants for ISPIC 2021 can register for this unique and a not-for-profit initiative and opportunity with no registration costs to participants.