Suggestion about Almond roasting on salt

Hi, I am trying to roast almond on a pan on salt (no oil added) and found to be cracking at high temperature (above 140oC) though texture found to be good after 20min roasting. If maintain 120oC, it takes an hour to roast though no sign of cracking. Appreciate if anyone guide / suggest me about optimum roasting condition.
Thx, Shameem

I find oven roasting of almonds more convenient than pan roasting; its roast more evenly too…It does not cracks but remains smooth.Why not give it a try .?

Are you roasting as a whole or you have ground your almonds ?
For both cases prepare 5% gum Arabic solution and add 0.1% anioidant in that solution.
Pour your almonds in rotating pan. Now spray that prepared solution on your almonds.
At high flame 130-150C it would almost take 20-30 minutes to roast your almonds.
It will prevent your almonds from oxidation as well. And you would end up with nice crunchy and well roasted almonds.

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hi, sorry, what is anioidant ?

Sorry it was typing mistake
Its actually ANTIOXIDANT (BHA and BHT)

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