Soya milk cream separators

looking for help in separation of cream from soya milk

Details please. What is the problem?

Theoritically like any other fat separation from dairy products, centrifuge would work but a higher speed …Westphalia centrifuge from Germany had such equipment.
The soymilk /soypriducts often undergo some sort of pretreatment. so iat can be separated easily.ftom the soymilk.
There is an article for that titled I remember its in the web I read previously.
I can’t remember the exact title but looks like this:
“Development of efficient separation of soy milk cream”…
Try web search using that keyword if you can retrieve it…

Thank you Mr. Roy, we will also search in google, mean time if you recollect you can share the information ,we truly appreciate .

requirement is to make skimmed soymilk by separating cream by cream separator or any other method to be fallowed, appreciate the reply, thank you.