Shelf life extension of hummus

Hello everyone,
How can we extend the shelf life of hummus to 3 months under ambient conditions? What are some of the processes, additives/preservatives and packaging technology which can be used in order to enhance the shelf life of the product?

hummus had high Aw ,more than 0.95.Therefore its highly perishable .
The best to prolong its life is by aseptic packaging so it can last for months in chilled or frozen storage. .
I hope some of out Arabic, Greek or other Mediterranean resident members can provide some suggestions how to prolong its shelf life based from their experience…


Most commercial hummus is HPP processed these days. You can extend shelf life through acidification but 90 days would be a stretch.


I agree with Michael (PEICAN). High pressure processing (HPP) is a good choice for stability but I do not think it will get you a product which is stable at ambient temperatures. It would still require refrigeration.

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Correct Chris.
I missed the ambient temperature qualifier.
Roy is correct. It would have to be retorted or aseptically packed.
I think they have ambient temperature HPP baby food in pouches but the pH is likely lower.

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I would suggest some combination of pottasium sorbate + natural based extracts, acidic nature.
Also add some fava flour, which is suitable in this application and does not alter flavor in low dosages and can drop aw.

Purpose: to reach 5.5 pH or lower.

Clean label, is too difficult for this already difficult problem.

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