Science of Food Youtube Channel

Hi Guys! Sharing with you a Youtube Channel set specifically for Food Science and Technology! I have just started so there’s just a few videos. But I hope you go visit my channel and subscribe!

Thank you!


Very useful Channel. Congrats @ScienceOfFood

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If anyone wants a specific topic, especially a “how-to” video, just send me a message and let’s talk about that!

Have a great day to all and stay healthy!

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Thank you very much.

Have a nice day

Teresa Fonseca Gonçalves


Interested in knowing ‘how to video’.
Would you mind sharing the detailed steps, as well as the software (if any) used for the same. Thank you

Hi @nanoscientist!
I hope you’re doing well, especially with all that’s going around now.
I would like to clarify things first, is what your asking is how to do there “How-to” videos that I have made?

Thank you for reaching out and i’m looking forward to helping you out!

Sorry for not explaining it well.
I am keen to know the details of how the video was prepared, not the content itself, but what method was used to produce the video.
On another note, have you also came across any video that can be prepared out of PDF files?
My questions are probably very silly, but trying to find all possible ways of e-demos, e-teaching /resources etc

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I understand. What I used was a pentablet to write. Smoothdraw is the app i’m using as the canvas. I just painted it with black so that’s it’s easy to look at (vs a white background).
For the recording part, i use bandicam. Im using a Windows OS.

With regards to your question about PDF files, I can’t recall if I have seen any video using that. A powerpoint presentation, there’s a lot. :slight_smile:
Personally, PDF files, i use them when I practice (for example if when I want to do sample problems with balancing or something :slight_smile:

If you have more questions, I would love to hear them.


many Thanks for the details.
I am not sure if i can be an e-friendly person to do these steps.
I will download smoothdraw on my PC and see if it can work.
Thank you once again for your time.

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