Rework about caramel chocolate process

Do you have any idea about rework of caramel,
how can we make it.
how can we seperate from chocolate to caramel
can you share me your experiance
thanks a lot
best regarts

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What about making a chocolate caramel sauce?

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Can you give us product details please ? What kind of product is it ? if it is possible share some photos.

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Thank you give me an answer. we are making chocolate with caramel. our product include filling Caramel in the chocolate. I wanted to ask, when we have some rework product about with caramel chocolate. how we can seperate it. Because we dont want to rework with caramel chocolate. we didnt find true way. I hope ı could duly explaine it

Thank you
our product includes caramel. and this is caramel filling. when we work with caramel chocolate. İt can be some wastage. after that we are wanting to use rework proses but without caramel. my question starting this point. how we can seperate caramel filling from chocolate. and photo isnot possible ım sorry

What is caramale’s melting point ? Maybe you can seperate them using their didderent melting points .

Yes it is. altought this way very usefull but sametime both of them chocolate and caramel melt together with same degrees. espacially caramel has 120-150 degrees melting point. we dont want to prefer this situation in the chocolate rework proses. because heating is very high. you know, too. chocolate include so sugar and butter oil and etc. all ingrediant can be affected. ı look for diffrent way about caramel proses

you said caramel’s melting point is very high. heat product at only 40 C, so only chocolate will melt .

yes I said and I know how many degrees will chocolate melt but this degrees is not enough for separete from each other. İf we dont separate, we dont use other rework proses line. some chocolate include caramel some its not include. I am looking a system about it. heat is not a true method.

No we didnt ı didnt understand complately can you explain more clearly about that pls because ı didnt hear before

Its difficult to separate such mixture.through melting point difference as caramel contains fat which complicates the complete separation between the two components Caramel and chocolate )…Its best recycled or added in small amounts in fillings or even other confectionery bases ( after particle reduction ) to the point it does not affect the end product quality.

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Thanks your answer, you are right this process very difficult and it includes too detail. I still didnt find true way about it. I decided to take off. if you are any recommend ı want to take it

thanks again