R&D concept and food microstructure

Dear FST teammates,
I am looking to study more about how food microstructure work in products formulations in following categories, I am looking to have useful study material to understand role of product conditions and ingredient in making stable and useful formulations. My fundamentals is good in food science and technology but I do feel lacky.

  1. Starch, gum for chapati, frozen food
  2. Emulsifier
  3. Encapsulation science and role of ingredients in it.
  4. How does additives affect microstructure.

Please guide me.

You should start with your university library, then search the web using carefully selected keywords like Food Hydrocolloids, Gums in baking, Food Emulsifiers, Handbook of food additives, Handbook of food additives, Food and flavor encapsulation.Food microstructure.

Roy I do not have access university library now.
Let’s start with you how do you think starch is using as emulsifiers and what are their advantage and disadvantage.

. Knowledge attained by personal effort is sweet. The web had so many information about it. I want you discover it yourself… I seldom spoonfed people. I want them to learn it. themselves.

I appreciate this again roy. But believe me I have tried your advice (web). But apart from all. Those basis concept of Gelatinisation, Retrogradation and RVA (in context to starch), I do not get much help and to decode those scientific literature is not of any use to me. If you can help then please be my guest but do not honour value of this platform to mercy of web. If everyone has to go web then why we will visit and become. Active member of FST desk.

@Food_Tech_Ritual - you have probably asked for an encyclopedia of things as visible from your list.
Try one by one and learn from it.

Yes why not. Feel free to share your insight on any of above category.

@Food_Tech_Ritual… Fstdesk is supposed to help solve real world food science related problems asked by members, and not to teach academic topics that can be explained in better detail from conventional information sources and the world wide web…

@Food_Tech_Ritual why not you re-read your question. Do one by one and update us here

ADMIN of FST desk did not specify this while. Sharing invitation. I can understand you have not interest to share and respond it is okay, but do not distribute unnecessary advice. It will healthy for professional group here.

Thankyou I will try to rephrase my question in next post.