Product development with artifical sweetners

Can anybody help me to solve this problem. Thanks in advance
How to make a no sugar added, fruit flavored beverage which is at the same level of sweetness as a beverage with 8% sucrose. Saccharin and cyclamate should be used in combination.Binary blends derive 50% of their sweetness from cyclamate and 50% from saccharin. How many mg of saccharin and cyclamate should be used per liter?


To my knowledge the cyclamate and saccharin does not have a fixed sweetness value that you can precisely put an exact equivalent as sucrose sweetness you are targeting in application.
Another thing saccharin and cyclamate blend still had an aftertaste that has also an effect that often at the same sweetness level futher offsets your theoretical estimates.
You need to run your own experiments of saccharin- cyclamate blend to get an optimum equivalent to sucrose in your selected application.
You can use the design of experiments (DOE)approach to do it.


You are right but my professor give me question to solve it without performing experiment.

I asked a colleague who is into beverages and she told me, there is no such thing as precise equivalent.She concurred you need to do an experiment.
if you insist You can put an estimated number there but if the sensory panel rejects the result as it does not taste exactly the same as indicated sucrose concentrations then the number you put is meaningless…


I have to put same value as given in this book on page 103 to 120.i could send you screenshot of that pages but it was not so clear. I don’t know that is it possible to send large file through this portal or not
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i removed the attachment, because it was copyrighted content. thanks for understanding. you can share link of book.

I would like to know the book and the page thanks

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Since this is a qn from school, will this be referring to the sweetness index calculation where sucrose is the reference. Please try to calculate based on that for saccharin & cyclamate.

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The problem with Co blends of sweeteners is the synergistic effect that they have with each other. In combo they have a combination 1 +1= 2.1. This is found in Sensory evaluation as Roy stated. Equivalent sweetness in relation to sucrose is singular referenced. Commercially the strength of saccharine is specification based 450x or 500x and within a range in relation to sugar and Sodium Cyclamate is 30x stronger than sugar. If one changes supplier, new tests need to be carried out. This you would need to have in commercial world . The trick is you need to know a starting ratio to these two, plus there are defined ratios in country food laws of how much each sweetener can be used, a 1g of cyclamate in my country, so 30g of equal strength sugar can come from cyclamate and other 50g per Litre equivalence can come from saccharine depending on strength you will start with. . Cyclamate is the better tasting one of the two, as Saccharine has metallic taste in it. With synergy of the two, you will expect to use slightly less of the calculated amount of saccharine either the 450x or 500x strength. The curve provided is a starting point I believe and should not be discarded as it gives you a mg/l equivalent relative to sugar and your required starting point is going to be g/l in beverage for the 8 % (80g/l) also expressed as Brix. There may be other cyclamate and saccharine types. Lastly a beverage is also acid/sugar critical and buffering of acid, plays a role in artificial sweeteners.If it has to be 50/50, then 40 (4%) equi strength must come equally from cyclamate and 40g (4%) equi strength from saccharine and the strength of each is built into curve and synergistic effect is not taken into account. So values needed are indexed at 4% level on each curve. You can solve the mg/l amounts then.

I have a standard as per Bangladesh Standard & Testing Institute(BSTI) , if u want i can some help u with recipe,this is my complete PD work Thanks,

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