Product Development of Idli and dosa batter

How does Idli and Dosa batter have its shelf life extension? As its a fermented food product…it won’t stay for more than 4 days… It gets on going sour and sometimes the water separation takes place after 3rd day. What to do to increase its shelf life by natural ways so that it would be a success in the food market!.?

Idli and dosa are fermented batters ,so its inevitable they had little shelf life .Theoretically freezing will drastically slow down the microbial activity ,but there still the tendency of water separation and disintegration of structures due to starch retrogradation and formation of ice crystals which ruptures the fermentation created gas bubbles.
The microbes viability upon thawing needs to be checked…
You better off with making a dry premix of your idli batter inoculated with microbial spores so you can make any dosa or idli batter when you need it.
You just hydrate the dry mix allow it to ferment and there you go,you got a consistent quality product for your needs.
Regarding the pure culture of idli and dosa lactobacteria, you should consult CFTRI in Mysore Karnataka.if they can help you with it .

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currently in the market this is seen with 10-14 days of shelf life

Is that idli and dosa batter or finished product…

yes, the batter itself and not the final product

Thanks but its rather challenging to sell the batter rather than premix for better flavour. Plus there are other brands who provide 15 days shelf life. So i was in a fix.
Thanks for all the help.