Process in Food Industry

ANYSYS AS It is one of the CFD programs which are used in the design phase of the process and equipment used in the food industry and based on the rheological properties of the food product. It provides equipment revisions by measuring the design and modeling of new industrial processes and the efficiency of existing equipment. Allows integration with BIM-enabled software and allows modeling. For example, in drier systems, two different parameters are emphasized, static or convective examination of the current in the dryer is done by analyzing the elastic modulus, temperature and air drying during the flow processing. The most important feature is to reach the desired results without creating a prototype.


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As a matter of fact, but as an example, based on the drying process, you have observed that some things are not going well in your existing dryer, and you have observed more chemical, biochemical and physical losses in food than in normal. To prevent this, based on scientific data to create a drying model, through this model of the convection current values โ€‹โ€‹of the air between food and numerical factors of the food condition of this type of dryer by evaluating this type of assessment, a 3D analysis, the data you have obtained from your dryer to determine the airflow or other factors it helps. If you give another example, you have developed a new product and the existing processes such as freezing or drying of your product do not work for you.


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