Problem with protein coagulation

Hello everyone,

I have just been A new member of the forum. Actually, i am currently getting a problem with my dairy product. I really appreciate if receive all of your advice.

My product contains cheese powder, vegetable fat powder, emulsifier (E471) and malic acid. I use malic acid for coagulation of the mixture. The problem is that when i put tap water into the mixture (containing malic acid powder before), then stir, there is something causing sandiness after the protein is coagulated. But when putting water first, stir the mixture and then add malic acid, the product is created with smooth mouthfeel and no sandiness. And my desired product must contain malic acid in the powdered mixture, not adding after putting water into and sandiness of final product (after adding water and stirring) is not unacceptable.

So, could you please tell me how to overcome this problem. Thank you very much

Hello @jonhny123

Firstly can you say us name of the product or can you describe it ?

I want to make cheese cake premix (powder). Just add water to that and chill. Actually am trying to use some gum stabilizers such as gelatins and xanthan to overcome that but it did not work at all. Please give me some advice.
Thank you.

i guess problem is that if acid interacts cheese suddenly when mixture is not homogenous, coagulation does not actualize regular. because excess acid interacts with cheese suddenly.

Please try this, make a solution with water and malic acid and add it cheese slowly while stirring the mixture.

Thanks for your response. However, my objective is that i must produce the powder containing acid powder. And the cooking direction is that consumers only add some water, then stir well and chill in the refrigerator and serve. So, i think i need an agent or something like that that enables the other ingredient in the mixture except malic acid, hydrate before malic acid. But it seems really hard…Do you have any idea about it! Kindly guide me!

hım , so this is a ready food for home. ok. let me think on this.

1- Before adding water can cheese be effected by acid ?

2- Maybe this is not acceptable for your final product but to learn something ; can you try adding powder mix to a bowl water slowly while stirring. not water into powder mixture. i guess this can solve the problem.

main reason of the problem i guess when you start to add water, acid immediately dissolve in a little water and ph decrease suddenly and it makes cheese powder sandiness

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i think this is not possible for this type product.

Tks very much for taking your precious time to reply to me ! I really appreciate. I’ll try it for sure.

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Did you try ?

Hi maybe using lactic acid instead of malic acid can solve this problem

Dear @foodScientist.
I did try it, but it was not effective. Such sandy mouthfeel still appeared.
Thank you very much, ANW.

I did use lactic acid as well as citric, but can not overcome the sandy mouthfeel. Do you have any other options to guide me. Thank you in advance.