Prevent Sticking of Gummy Candies to each other

Can any one help me to know the best possible solution to avoid sticking of gummy candies to each other after packing in jar or container.

I have used Paraffin, Mineral oil but still facing the same issue.

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sticking depends all your process not just coating.

but for coating you should use antisticking agent.

try cornstarch powder for top coating

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I have an idea if you packed your gummies so, you should focus on their storage condition
I think you should store it at a cool temperature to prevent gummies from sticking

this can not be a solution. please focus the problem.

I can control Storage temperature at my place, but cannot at stores (shops)

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Oh, then you should try tapioca starch on top coating because it create drier outer surface around gummies

Hi there Shyammandage,

If you’re looking for a sugar-free option, I’d suggest a combination of MCT oil and Erythritol or TruSugr™. Toss the gummies in a small amount of MCT oil before tossing in sugar replacement. Both prevent water from seeping in or out of the gummies. Please note, some sugar substitutes can absorb water at different humidity levels.

Enjoy the experimentation - and remember, you can sign up for a free sample of TruSugr™ here. :slight_smile:

You can use anti-caking agent such as sipernat