Sodium benzoate
What’s your views are about this preservative In a product like Dates based energy bar which contain 99.8% natural ingredients.?
Would SB act as strong antifungal ? If not then which other suitable non toxic antifungal should be addded!


Benzoic acid is present in nature…Its found in many fruits like strawberry cranberry, , plums etc.
I noticed that you had so much apprehension about food ingredients.
I remember you worry about invert sugar and glycerin when they
exist in nature.
I suggest you read more about those materials so you can understand more as well as how to use it properly…
There are many antifungal material but I would rather suggest that you familiarize through your own effort.
Things like benzoates, sorbates, propionates, acetates/ diacetates, etc
Ingredients application shoukd start with familiarity so it can ensure confidence in its use…
You should also understand the concept of water activity and hurdle preservation as that is applicable in your product.
Good luck…!

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You are asking the wrong people. Is it a good preservative? Yes.
Will your customers buy a product containing Sodium Benzoate? Probably no. The people that are looking for every other characteristic you describe are the kind of people who will avoid preservatives. It doesn’t matter if it is natural or not.
Perception is reality and this product is not perceived by the public as a natural ingredient.

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I’ve tried many times to come up with fully natural snack that’s it’s just like a homemade natural but packed and served to the public
But realized it can’t work dates and nuts balls or bars become super hard in short time and I had to follow an experts advice so I added a glycerol and sugar syrup and alpha tocopherol to get the product where it needs to be but after all I lost the goal to make the item as ppl want it
Maybe its not suitable for such business model maybe if it’s served fresh items would work but packed and distributed to B2B models I personally couldn’t find a way Maybe you need to hire an expert in the field

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