Preservatives for raw energy balls

Hello there
What type of preservatives is best for such formula
70% date paste
10 % whey protein isolate powder
5 % coconut shredded
5 % cacao powder
10% sunflower lecithin. Salt. Coconut oil

It’s all raw ingredients and not baking or cooking
Just mixing and forming and Packaging

I got suggestions about calcium propionate

What do you guys think is the right preservative for such ingredients


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it depends on microorganism type. What type microorganism contamination and/or growing risk does your product has ? Bacteria, mold, yeast or all ?

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And how do I know all that?

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you should make some tests.

step 1. do final product.

step 2. send product ( newly manufactured, not stored ) to a microbiology laboratory.

step 3. store product minimum for 3 months in conditions that it will be stored in markets etc.

step 4 . send product ( stored ) to a microbiology laboratory.

additionally send your your product ( newly manufactured, not stored ) to laboratory for shelf life test.

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Thank you so much for the response

Sir I have a different question in such products why using nut butter like peanut butter cashew butter etc… Is effecting shelf life negatively?
What is the science reason for that also what is the right way to use it

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Waiting for answers

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If oil or butter you used is high quality , butter/oil does not effect shelf life signaficially by itself. But it depends other ingredients interaction with butter and also process can effect butter negatively as high temperature so butter/oil can effect shelf life negatively. This topic is a little complex. I advice you get professional support.

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My expertise is in new product development of similar products.
Can you measure the Water Activity and pH of the finished product?
What do you expect to use for the final packaging?
Will you be distributing your product as chilled or shelf stable?