Powdered seasoning Clumping

We are making flavored powder seasoning from some time.

The product stays fine through out winter / dry season but starts caking during summer / humid season.

To counter it we have installed HVAC system that maintains 50-55%RH in production area. The raw material warehouse still remain exposed to high humidity.

We also use 2% Silicone dioxide. The moisture percentage is around 3% in end product but still it becomes hard.

I think It might due to icing sugar as we use around 25-30% icing sugar and don’t grind it in our facility, we purchase it in powder form.

Usually it does caking in raw material warehouse within 2-3 Days. The MC in fresh Icing sugar is 0.15% and stored icing sugar is around 0.4%.

Can anyone in this regard, what can be the source of caking in my final product.


What is your pack material?

And did you check product moisture after 3 days, after it clumped?

Also you should check your warehouse moisture.

Try blending 3% cornstarch in your icing sugar to servr as separating agent before using it in the seasoning mixes.